Trick or treat?

Nicole Benford

By reviewing and keeping on top of your business’ public profile you’ll be sure to avoid the tricks and pitfalls of mismanaging your social media presence. Social media is an essential tool we use to engage with audiences, communicate our messages and increase our brand awareness Good content will be shared, liked, +1d, and even reviewed, which all leads to improved brand loyalty, instant feedback and greater stakeholder awareness.

However, the results of getting it wrong can be as embarrassing, frustrating and costly.

The nasty ‘tricks’ that social media can throw at you if you get it wrong are often underestimated. An awkward photo today can become tomorrow’s latest meme – raking up millions of the wrong kinds of likes and shares (Ed Miliband is all too familiar with that gif. of him attempting to eat a bacon sandwich!)

So here’s our rundown of what to do and what not to do to keep your business ahead of the game and out of the scrutiny of the press.

Avoid nasty tricks:

·Remember, ‘off the record’ is never truly ‘off the record’ – Don’t give out information you’re not comfortable being published.
·Having a presence on all of the latest social platforms can dilute your message – Instead choose one or two platforms that suit your project or business and create consistent and engaging content
·Posting repetitive or old news – make sure you do your research so that the content your sharing is relevant to your business and your audience.

Grab a handful of treats:

·Keep up with your peers – Knowing who they are engaging with and who’s engaging with them will keep you ahead of the game
·Be proactive and take ownership of conversations – thank your community for positive feedback but don’t just ignore and hide negative comments, instead use this opportunity to respond and engage
·Develop a content calendar – this will save you time and help support your overall strategy to ensure that all your content is on brand and relevant to what you want to say.

Give your public profile a review – ensure you’re the one leading the conversations and landing some PR treats.