Research underpins our approach to every project. We get under the skin of communities and identify what they, and the politicians that represent them, like and don’t like. This informs every strategy we develop.

We have also developed a number of specific research tools to support development proposals:

The Dialogue Audit uses a unique algorithm to measure what different audiences think and feel about the same issues. This is an invaluable tool in creating targeted and cost-effective communications strategies that concentrate resources on the messages that need them most.
The Dialogue Dial is a measure of the stability/unpredictability of a local planning authority. It is an invaluable tool in assessing and mitigating developer risk. We research such factors as political stability, the relationship between officers and councillors and – using our innovative CoDec® – research the percentage of applications overturned at committee.
We have developed a unique research tool that allows us to review planning committee performance and identify the likelihood of any committee overturning their officers’ recommendation on a planning application. Used early in the development assessment process, CoDec will really inform your understanding of the risk associated with any project.
Particularly useful for developers delivering the same, or a similar, product at multiple locations. We will review previous applications, identify issues and objectors and then visit the community to talk to objectors and other stakeholders to identify if their fears have been realised. This research approach has been instrumental in helping to deliver several controversial planning proposals.